Scott Goodstein


Scott Goodstein founded Catalyst Campaigns, to assist organizations in effectively telling their stories. Goodstein believes that art, music, and culture can more accurately explain the human condition and builds projects that force each of us to reflect, look inward and take action. 

He is best known for building large-scale political efforts that captivate the hearts and minds of voters in unique & memorable ways. He co-founded PunkVoter (2004), Rock Against Bush (2004), Artists for Obama (2008), Artists for Bernie (2016), and Artists United for Change (2020). Scott draws inspiration from his experiences in both the arts community as well as the political world. Goodstein comes from the DC punk community, worked in the labor movement, and spent twenty years in progressive politics. He has always placed art and culture at the center of his organizing models. 

In 2008, Scott Goodstein co-founded Artists for Obama and commissioned Shepard Fairey to directly work with the campaign. That same year, he also commissioned critically acclaimed African American, Latinx artists, and some of the nation’s largest rock musicians to the campaign as a way to build a bigger movement. 

Scott consistently collaborates with national renowned artists as well as regional artists. He always does these efforts with an eye towards promoting new artists and paying the worker! 

In 2020, Goodstein executive produced one of the nation’s largest artist-driven get out the vote independent expenditure campaigns called, “”  The campaign commissioned fact-based original works from local and national artists for a shocking and memorable poster and billboard advertising campaign to remind voters to pledge to vote. 

Scott Goodstein serves as a board member for Abortion Access Force, Invisible Hands Deliver, PopTech, and Water Works Fund. He is also on the board of advisors for Jail Guitar Doors, USA and Plastics Free Restaurants. He also writes on art, culture, and movement building for Political Backline and teaches creative organizing at American University’s Center for Congress & Presidential Studies. Most recently, Scott Goodstein had the opportunity to write a chapter titled “How Digital Changed the Political Landscape” in the new book, Campaigns and Elections American Style:The Changing Landscape of Political Campaigns.